Social inclusion

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Social Inclusion in all forms is a matter of great importance to Ms. Shallu Jindal, she believes that equal opportunities is a basic human right which no person should be devoid of. In her multiple leadership roles she has made sincere efforts to drive inclusion through infrastructure and programs interventions. She made great efforts to drive accessibility for all as a major addition in her tenure at National Bal Bhavan ensuring each nook and corner was easily accessible to all from auditoriums to classrooms and also in programs conducted. She organized special workshops in collaboration with Svayam with a vision of an inclusive education environment in India, and launched India’s first Training Certificate Programme for teachers dealing with children with special needs. As Chairperson JSP Foundation, also she works with an aim to cater specially to the under cared and abandoned in the society. This is why she has passionately been working with her team to set up programmes to reach out to the weaker sections of society. These programmes are designed to holistically intervene with appropriate and need-based care for those who cannot find help anywhere.

Major Programmes:

  • Jindal Prayas Centre of Excellence, specially for holistic care for 200 abandoned children.
  • Jindal Sheows Elderly CARE &Wellness Centre for 450+ elderly and senior citizens in Delhi & U.P.
  • Jindal Children Home at Tamnar for 100 parentless & destitute children
  • Project Swasti
  • Project Pariwartan
  • Accessibility for all Infrastructure Additions National Bal Bhavan