Health & Nutrition

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Ms Shallu Jindal believes that the backbone of a society is a healthy populace who are both physically and mentally fit. Hence, through JSP Foundation, she has been carrying out need-based health interventions that are not only curative, but also preventive in nature. Today, with her constant support, JSP Foundation is able to provide a comprehensive range of services to benefit communities ensuring that its stakeholders are productive in their workplaces and safe everywhere. At the JSP Foundation, efforts are put in to make good healthcare affordable and accessible to the local communities and the society at large. Under her leadership, the Foundation has also been able to establish multiple charitable clinics, hospitals and world-class health facilities for the local communities.

Major Programmes:

  • Fortis OP Jindal Hospital & Research Centre
  • Jindal Aarogyam Multispeciality Hospital at Angul & Barbil
  • Project Vastalya
  • Kishori Express
  • Project Sneh
  • Telemedicine Centres
  • Mobile Mecical Vans
  • HIV & AIDS Prevention
  • Nutritional Support to 3000+ TB Patients for TB MUKT BHARAT