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When it comes to education, Shallu Jindal is of the opinion that it is vital to nurture and educate young minds so that they contribute to the nation’s development. This is why, under her watchful guidance, JSP Foundation has been implementing multifaceted programmes to improve the quality of education. These educational initiatives are based on the precept that learning is an on-going life process, and thus the programmes include a broad range of activities from promoting school enrolment and educational quality to providing functional literacy and vocational training for adults.

Major Programmes:

  • Jindal Bhaktivedanta Library & Study Centre
  • Anjor Digital Literacy ,for women to have abdicative knowledge on technology
  • YASHASVI, upskilling and empowering more than 5600 girls through higher education & skill in courses of their choice
  • OP Jindal Global University
  • OP Jindal University
  • Jindal Institute of Power Technology
  • OP Jindal Group Schools
  • Community Teacher Support
  • Adult Literacy Program
  • Scholarship
  • Asha the Hope
  • Pre School Education
  • Vernacular English Medium Schools
  • Little Angels Schools