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As an artist and social leader Shallu Jindal has been actively engaged in promoting art forms especially the unknown legacies of Indian art and tradition especially performing arts across the country through various innovative measures and sustainable programmes. The Jindal Art Institute, which is also her dream project, is one such establishment that was conceived with an objective to promote the art and cultural heritage of the country through training,workshops and cultural showcases. . The Swayam Shilp workshops through JSP foundation are also the brain child of Ms Jindal, an effort to propagate tribal arts and crafts of India, through a series of workshops across India thereby providing artists from the tribal hinterland of the country with a national platform. Rashtriya Swayamsiddh Samman, which rewards and nurtures the network of social innovators and change makers at the grass-root level in India is also a project which evokes passionate involvement of Ms Jindal. Ms Jindal has also been deeply concerned by livelihood issues of old artisans and created Grant For Art in an effort to lessen their burden through a small pension amount to artisans who have devoted their life to their craft.

Major Programmes:

  • Jindal Art Institute
  • Rashtriya Swayamsiddh
  • Samman
  • Swayam Shilp